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David and Kathryn - Australia
Hi Nejo, Kath and I are finally back home after having had an absolutely fantastic trip. We were only home for 2 days when we headed off again for some more time away for my eldest son's wedding. I must say that our time in Turkey, especially the days we spent with you, were very special. I have no doubt that having you as our driver, guide and friend for the twelve days greatly increased our enjoyment of your wonderful country. We very much appreciated the way you made sure that we experienced some of the real Turkey and not just the normal tourist sites and restaurants. One reason we opt for private tours is that it gives us an opportunity to go beyond the standard tourist trails so what you provided for us was just perfect. We loved the small roadside restaurants and enjoyed sharing many of our experiences with you. Yes, even the walk through the valley near Goreme where we picked up rubbish along the way was very special. Our carpet was waiting for us when we arrived home so next time you are speaking to your friend please thank him for us. Kath and I just loved the food in Turkey so I am highly motivated to try some of the recipes in the book I bought. I do the cooking for us both and like to try food from all around the world. We especially enjoy Vietnamese cuisine and will now add Turkish food to our favourites. I am going to try making gosleme and the bread that puffs up like a football (not sure what it is called) if I can find a recipe. The lunch we had with you and your parents was also a highlight. It was very good of your family to welcome us into their home. The food was delicious! Please thank them once again for us when next you are speaking to them. I was very interested in your hotel project and hope that you have been able to get it underway. I would be keen to see some photographs once building work starts. This is what my business partner and I do here - not so much hotels but we restore old buildings (mainly houses) and have also built new ones. The rental market is very strong where we are so all our properties are currently leased. I hope that your travel business continues to prosper. Of this I have no doubt given the special attention you gave us. With Yousaf and your wonderful team of drivers and guides you have certainly hit upon a winning formula. I will absolutely be recommending Chora Travel to anyone I come across who is contemplating a visit to Turkey. I will also be doing a Trip Advisor review in the next few days and promise not to include the photo of you "sleeping on the job". Hopefully we too can fit in another trip over the next few years. It is a pity Australia is so far away. All the very best to you. Kindest regards, David and Kathryn
Alan and Marcia Walsh - South Africa
Alan and Marcia Walsh
Maureen & John - Australia
My wife and I had a marvellous tour of legendary places in Turkey. Our driver, Engin, drove us safely from Istanbul to Gallipoli, Troy, Pergamum, Ephesus, and Pamukkale finishing up in Antalya. We flew back to Istanbul to stay overnight before flying out the next day. Chora had arranged a transfer to the airport the next day and to our surprise Engin arrived to take us to the airport, he had driven back form Antalya overnight. The whole experience with Chora went without a hitch. The hotels were good and Engin was a willing and helpful companion finding some interesting places to eat and see. We had initially stayed in a hotel in Istanbul which I booked myself. It was lousy and Yousef, of Chora Travel, found us another much better hotel to stay until we went on tour. I recommend Chora travel to anyone visiting Turkey
Brooks - Canada
We just arrived home from our trip to Turkey with Chora Travel. Thanks to Burk and Yusef who organized the trip for us. We were well looked after and enjoyed the small group nature of the tours. We saw everything we wanted to see and learned an amazing amount of the history of this beautiful country. I have already recommended Chora Travel to some of my friends. Thanks
Michiel and Bettie Strauss - South Africa
Two and a half days into our long awaited tour to Turkey, which Yusuf helped us organise so effectively, I broke my ankle in a freak accident in Kappadokya! The help and care that we recieved from Yusuf and Nejo, I can not put into words. They went out of their way to take care of us in so many ways. They went into great effort to rearrange our tour and when my ankle made that an impossibility they refunded me as much as possible! If ever we go to Turkey again I will surely make use of your services. Thank you again. We will never forget you!
Srinivas Kakkilaya - India
Our Turkey tour was an amazing experience and Yusuf and his team from Chora Travels delivered more than what they had promised and more than what we had expected. Absolutely hassle free and totally tourist friendly, every penny worth spent! Thank you Yusuf, Haroon, Beguum, Zainal, Shajan, Tamer and everyone else!
Dewi Tjandra - USA
I was looking high and low for an affordable tour in Turkey, and found one on Nejo's website that fit my plan perfectly. I was skeptical at first but after several email exchanges with Nejo, I felt comfortable. All I can say is - I LOVE Turkey. Thanks to Nejo, I had the opportunity to see more than I thought possible in a short amount of time and had the most wonderful experience. He even gave me his mobile number so I could reach him during the tour - just in case. Now that's service. He didn't take us to dinner though ...but I'm sure he will make up for it next time. ;)